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December 17, 2017
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CWA 1122 - JFS Unit Contract Ratification Meet & VOTE
Dec 20, 2017
Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County 70 Barker St Buffalo, N.Y. 14209
CWA Local 1122 SPECIAL Membership Meeting
Dec 28, 2017
CWA Local 1122 Union Hall 3775 Genesee St Buffalo
Jan 04, 2018
CWA Local 1122 Union Hall 3775 Genesee St Buffalo NY
Feb 08, 2018
UAW Region 9 35 George Karl Blvd Williamsville NY
Mar 08, 2018
CWA Local 1122 Union Hall 3775 Genesee St Buffalo NY
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Jewish Family Service

70 Barker St

Buffalo, N.Y. 14209



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After almost a year of hard bargaining and unprecedented mobilization, we have reached a groundbreaking tentative agreement for 21,000 CWA members under the Orange contract at AT&T Mobility.

Never before have we seen this level of mobilization for a fair contract, including a three-day strike that shut down hundreds of stores across the country, and never before have we won so much at the bargaining table. 

Click here to read the bargaining report with all the details.

For the first time at any wireless company in the country, workers have won guaranteed customer service work at U.S. call centers, representing an 80% increase in the share of total call volume over the current levels. We also won first-time job security protections and more stable pay and reduced intrusive surveillance at work.

If you took part in mobilization activities, walked a strike line, wore a button or a sticker, passed out flyers, or called your managers demanding a fair contract - this is your victory. Our bargaining team could not have achieved this breakthrough tentative agreement without the hard work that you did fighting for a fair contract.

We didn't win everything of course, but we moved forward together and will keep up the fight.

Please join us for a town hall call on Thursday, December 14 at 8:30pm ET/ 7:30pm CT/ 6:30pm MT/ 5:30pm PTto learn more about the tentative agreement. Text MobilityCall to 69866 to RSVP to the call.

Together, we showed that we can beat back regressive proposals and make improvements at work when we stick together and mobilize. Let this be a sign to all companies that put profits above workers: when we stand together, we win.

In solidarity, 
Dennis Trainor 
CWA District 1 Vice President


Please Post!

December 11, 2017


Sisters and Brothers:

We will be holding a special membership meeting on Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 5:30 pm to be held at:

CWA Local 1122

3775 Genesee Street

Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Per the National Constitution, Article 15 Elections, Section 4 General Provisions, Paragraph B, Any Challenge to a Local Election shall go before the Election Committee.  If the Appellant is not satisfied with the decision of the Election Committee, the Executive Board of the Local shall hold a meeting to discuss and rule on the outcome of the Election Committee’s determination.  Your Executive Board met on December 11, 2017 and determined that the Election Committee’s decision shall be upheld.

The Appellant has the right to appeal to the next level in the process which is to bring it before the membership.  A quorum must be present in order for a vote to be held.

This meeting will be to discuss the Election Committee’s decision to re-run the election for the office of Executive Vice President.

Information as to how we got to this point will be shared with you at that time.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


John Mudie                                                     Doug Boechel

President Elect                                               Election Committee Chair

UAW 55-91


Download Meeting Poster

CWA Local 1122 Meeting Dates 2018


STEWARDS Meeting                              Thursday, January 4, 2018


MEMBERSHIP Meeting                          Thursday, February 8, 2018

                                                               UAW Region 9

                                                               35 George Karl Blvd



STEWARDS Meeting                              Thursday, March 8, 2018


MEMBERSHIP Meeting                          Thursday, April 5, 2018

                                                               Ironworkers Local 6 Union Hall

                                                              196 Orchard Park Rd

                                                               West Seneca


STEWARDS Meeting                             Tuesday, May 1, 2018


MEMBERSHIP Meeting                         June 2018  - To Be Determined


STEWARDS Meeting                             Thursday, September 6, 2018


MEMBERSHIP Meeting                         Thursday, October 4, 2018

                                                              UAW Region 9

                                                              George Karl Blvd



STEWARDS Meeting                             Thursday, November 1, 2018


MEMBERSHIP Meeting                         Tuesday, December 4, 2018

                                                              Ironworkers Local 6 Union Hall

                                                             196 Orchard Park Rd

                                                              West Seneca


Our June 2018 Membership Meeting will be our annual picnic style meeting with the time and place to be determined.

Stewards Meetings are held at our CWA Local 1122 Union Hall 3775 Genesee St.  The meetings begin at 6:00pm with food being served at 5:00pm.

Membership Meetings will begin at 6:00pm with dinner being served at 5:00pm.

If you have any interest in the change or resolution of our workplace issues then it is your responsibility to attend these meetings.





 Communications Workers of America, Local 1122 AFL-CIO

                                                                  3775 Genesee St. Buffalo, N.Y. 14225    




The CWA Political Action Fund (PAF) is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families, and retirees.  Every dollar you contribute to the Political Action Fund (PAF) is put to work building political power for you, your family, and your future.  The PAF provides financial contributions to worker-friendly candidates.  CWA can only use voluntary dollar’s  to contribute to an endorsed candidate for federal office.  No Union dues money of any kind can be given to a political candidate for federal office of a national political party. 

The Political Action Fund (PAF) is fighting to strengthen your voice at work and garner one who have none.  The PAF is working to give every patient in NY State the kind of health care we would want for our own families, such as fighting for the passage of the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act requiring safe staffing nurse to patient ratio’s.  Your PAF was instrumental in settling the forty nine (49) day Verizon strike, earning a fair and just contract for our sisters and brothers working there.  PAF contributions were used to prevent the Berger Commission from closing two area hospitals staffed by CWA member’s right here in our WNY Community.

Most importantly today the PAF is being utilized in our collective effort to insure the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) remains the law of the land.  Without it our job security is at severe risk, access to quality health care is at severe risk.  The option to repeal and replace Obama-care (AHCA) is not an option for CWA members and their families.

The CWA Political Action Fund makes politics work for working families.

Please complete the Payroll Authorization card you have before you.





The political action fund is strictly voluntary.  Funds are utilized to administrate and facilitate our political and legislative activities.

Dollars contributed by members like you are used to:

  • Pay for grassroots lobbying efforts against privatization and budget cuts, voter registration, and our election day Get Out the VOTE (GOTV) mobilization.
  • Enable CWA to make valued contributions to local, state, and federal candidates who support our issues.  Only by electing our candidates will success be achieved.


In our current political climate, every one of us is at risk of losing our benefits, job security and rights in the workplace.  Each of us has an interest in protecting the jobs of employees.  The more money we raise, the more effectively you can protect yourself and your family.  The few dollars we voluntarily contribute to invest in PAF means thousands of dollars in better benefits and better working conditions for CWA members and the working class community.


Indirectly, your bargaining rights, wages, benefits, and job security are all decided by elected representatives.  CWA has the duty and obligation to protect the terms and conditions of our labor.  In order to effectively do this, we must be involved with electing worker friendly representatives.  In our current business and political climate, our involvement is vital as unionized employees are under constant attack, with our careers, our wages, health care benefits, and retirement security all a target.

Does CWA just give to DEMOCRATS?

No! Our priority is to identify and support pro CWA, pro working class candidates, who will carry our voice, and fight to move our agenda in local, state, and federal government.

Politicians are “crooked.”  Why are we giving them our money?

Not all politicians are crooked, but we need to see that the ones who are do not win.  One of the reasons we give money is to help pro CWA, pro worker candidates win.  WHEN WE WIN AT THE POLLS, WE WIN AT THE BARGANING TABLE.


All of the money obtained through voluntary contributions goes into CWA’s Political Action Fund Account (PAF) and is used for political activities only.  This money is not part of the general treasury.  The PAF monies go to political candidate contributions, voter registration efforts, education, lobbying, training, and get out the vote (GOTV) work.  PAF monies are used to help introduce and pass legislation that protects CWA members, and to influence policy and budget decisions that affect your careers, your families, and your future.  A portion of these monies goes to our Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) at the CWA International Office for use in US Congressional or Senate races.


Voluntary PAF contributions can be made by all working and retired CWA members and their families, as well as employees of CWA and their families.







CWA Local 1122 Meeting Dates 2018

CWA Local 1122 Meeting Dates 2018 STEWARDS Meeting               Thursday, January 4 .
Download: CWA Local 1122 Meeting Dates 2018.pdf

Without UNIONS

Without UNIONS, workers will lose many of the protections AGAINST abusive employers.  Wages for all will be depressed, even as corporate profits soar.  The American dream will be destroyed for millions.  And we will have government of the corporations, by the already powerful, for the wealthy. Kenneth Bernstein, Teacher & Blogger, in a 2011 CNN.
Download: Without UNIONS.pdf

CWA Local 1122 PAF Drive 2017

The CWA Political Action Fund (PAF) is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families, and retirees. Every dollar you contribute to the Political Action Fund (PAF) is put to work building political power for you, your family, and your future. Today the PAF is being utilized in our collective effort to insure the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) remains the law of the land. Without it our job security is at severe risk, access to quality health care is at severe risk. The option to repeal and replace Obama-care (AHCA) is not an option for CWA members and their families.

CWA - At&t Mobility BARGAINING Report #61 11-10-2017

CWA / At&t Mobility 2017 “Orange” Contract Bargaining Update November 10, 2017 – Bargaining Report #61
Download: CWA - At&t Mobility CBA Summary 12-13-17.pdf

Weingarten RIGHTS

Members of CWA Local 1122 have Weingarten rights during investigatory interviews. An investigatory interview occurs when a Company representative questions a member to obtain information that could lead to discipline OR asks a member to defend his or her conduct. If you reasonably believe that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from a meeting with a Company representative, you have a right to Union representation at that meeting. But, you must request it.
Download: Know YourWeingarten Rights.pdf

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