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April 26, 2015
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CWA 1122 VNA Newsletter April 15, 2015


When you contract someone to complete home repairs, or mow your lawn, or plow your driveway, you expect to get a return on your investment. Similarly, Union dues are part of a contract, and why wouldn’t you expect to get a return on that investment?

Do you let your Union know if and when your workplace rights have been violated? Do you contact your Union steward? It’s management’s responsibility to provide a good working environment. It’s the Union’s responsibility to uphold the working contract that you created. . 

Letting your steward know about your concerns is the first step so he or she can advise you whether to converse with your manager, to find a solution, or to file a grievance.  Remember, unless the issue could result in disciplinary action, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with your manager.  But if the concern that arises is against contract language, or could result in disciplinary action, your steward will ask you to write a summary of the incident or issue. At this point, whether out of fear of the process itself, or a disinclination to take the time to see the process through, most people back down.   But here is why you should persist: 1) it eliminates the egregious behavior toward you and your co-workers; 2) it promotes an acceptable culture for employee treatment; 3) When multiple violations are grieved against one manager, it establishes patterns of behaviors that can lead to corrective measures to benefit an entire team.

 The process can take weeks or even months to come to resolution. During this time, mangers are not allowed to discuss the situation or seek retribution against the employee. If there is such evidence against the employer, there is further recourse by the Union to escalate the grievance.

Some employees have felt that the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) gave them the confidence to initiate the grievance process, as it can be difficult to stand up to a person in power.  Employees who have gone through the grievance process, reported an improved work situation, reported feeling empowered to stand up for themselves, and ultimately, would do it again, as the process was worth the end result.


In Solidarity,

VNA Unit Mobilization Committee


Download Newsletter V23 4-15-2015



Request a Paper Ballot 


Vote & Return the Proxy to

Your Local


CWA urges you to vote by paper ballot, rather than by electronic ballot.  Return your paper ballot to your local so that CWA members can deliver the votes at Verizon’s annual meeting on May 7thIf you have not received a paper ballot and you are entitled as a stockholder to vote, please request a paper ballot from the company.  You may do so by calling 1-800-631-2355 or emailing

When you contact Verizon’s service, be prepared to insist on your right to your proxy.  If they tell you to contact your 401k fund, ask them if they have your proxy and request that they send it to you.   In order to verify your identity, they may ask for your Social Security number; please be prepared with that information.


  1. Steps to Use Your Proxy to Send a Message to Verizon:

  1. Vote!  Please follow CWA’s recommendations.  CWA’s voting recommendations are on the reverse side of this flyer.  Please place an “X” in the appropriate box.       
  2. Sign and date the card where indicated.  Place the proxy inside the envelope and seal the envelope.
  3. Get the proxy card inside the sealed envelope to your local by April 24th.  CWA will deliver the proxies to Verizon’s annual meeting.


CWA Recommendations for Verizon 2015 Stockholder Proxy Questions



Verizon’s Recommendation

CWA’s Recommendation

#1 – Election of Board of Directors

For All Nominees

Against on All Nominees

(or Withhold All Nominees)

#2 – Auditing


No Recommendation

#3 – Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation



#4 – Wireless Network Neutrality



#5 – Political Spending Report



#6 – Severance Approval Policy



#7 – Stock Retention Policy



#8 – Shareholder Action by Written Consent




Please get the proxy card inside the sealed envelope to your Local by April 24th.  


Download Flyer

Don’t Get Left Behind the

Digital Divide!!

Make Your Voice Heard, Demand High

Speed Internet for All!!!

Text Box: Thursday April 9th
5:00 PM
In front of 548 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Access to high speed internet is vital in the 21st century, Buffalo and many parts of NYS are being left behind,

We deserve better.

Join with members of your community and demand the NYS Public Service Commission change the rules, high speed internet should be available to everyone in NYS.

 It’s time to take action

We have been left behind long enough.


Thursday April 9th

548 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo

Stand Up to Verizon

Unity is the key to victory - nothing in our contract came for free. 2015 bargaining will be no different. We will all need to stand up to Verizon in unity to win a fair and just contract.

Now is the time to get ready:


First, like “Stand Up To Verizon” on Facebook for pictures, updates, and to join the conversation.


Then, on Thursday, April 9th, informational picketing will begin throughout the Verizon East footprint.

On that day, check your email to join your coworkers for a virtual Facebook picket line. To get our message out to as many people as possible, we will send you an image to share on Facebook. It matches the signs we’ll be holding at pickets in real life, demanding good jobs at Verizon.


Together, we will create our first virtual picket!

Let’s get ready for August 1, 2015.


In Unity,

Lisa Fazzini
District 2-13 Mobilization Coordinator

Kasey Mckeral 
District 1 Digital Media Technician


TO:                       All  Verizon  NY, NE and NJ  Locals

FROM:                 Chris Shelton, Vice President

DATE:                   November 24, 2014

SUBJECT:            Verizon’s Double Standard

As we gear up for Contract Mobilization, Verizon has been saying some nasty stuff about us when they try and convince our Verizon Wireless brothers and sisters not to join our union. 

Verizon management has been having dozens of forced, mandatory meetings with Verizon Wireless workers to try and keep them out of our union. Amongst the things they are saying about us is

1) We are a business that just wants dues money;

2) We are corrupt;

3) We just want to strike;

4) We don’t care about our customers;

5) We fine members anytime we want;  

6.) We are an outside third party that is a business rather than a union.

As they attack us with one face, they tell us to our face that they want to get along and work together. 

We have developed this attached flyer that we are asking every shop steward to present to management at every chance they get, and ask them to check off which kind of relationship they want with our union as we face them at the bargaining table once again. 



Hey Verizon, Can You

Say “Two-Faced?”


In meetings, Verizon claims they want to work with our Union and have a respectful relationship. But when VZW employees try to organize into CWA, the very same company accuses us of corruption, violence, only wanting dues money, and being an outside “third party” 


Verizon can’t have it both ways.  

Every member should ask their managers to choose what kind of relationship they want. Ask them to check only ONE of the following statements. 

Verizon Management: Please Check only ONE answer.

 1) As a company, Verizon would like a respectful relationship with our employees. We pledge not to accuse your union of being violent, corrupt, or a “third party” when non-union employees want to join your union.

  2) As a company, Verizon has no respect for your union, we do not want to work with your union, and we will continue to accuse your union of being corrupt, and of being violent. 

For more information, please visit



Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to fast-track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).1 

The TPP is the largest—and worst—trade deal you've never heard of, having been devised in secret by representatives of some of the world's largest corporations.2

It's so big and has the potential to do so much damage, it's been likened to "NAFTA on steroids."3 Watch this short video to see what I mean: 





Will you help spread the word about fast track and the TPP by watching and sharing the video right now?

P.S. Once you've watched the video, please join the growing chorus of Americans who are saying no to fast track and the TPP by adding your name to this petition from Larry Cohen, president of the Communication Workers of America.


1. "Republicans Defend Obama's Trade Pact While Pressing To Deregulate Banks," The Huffington Post, January 27, 2015 

2. "Obama's Covert Trade Deal," The New York Times, June 2, 2013 

3. "NAFTA on Steroids," The Nation, July 16, 2012 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another trade deal that will outsource even more American jobs, and it’s being called “NAFTA on steroids” because of the devastating effects it will have.
Right now in Congress there is fast tack legislation being pushed that will allow this bad trade deal to sail through congress. The CWA along with several unions and other allied groups are fighting this legislation and are targeting several members of Congress that we need to oppose fast track and the TPP.
In WNY we are targeting Congressman Chris Collins, and this week is CWA’s week to get calls into his office. Attached is a flyer with information to call Congressman Collins;  it is a very easy call to make, it only takes 30 seconds, and everything you need to say is on the flyer.
Please make your call today, and be sure to have friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers call too.  This effects everyone just like NAFTA did, and everyone knows someone who lost their job to NAFTA, so lets stop TPP from having the same devastating effects on our communities and nation.
Call Congressman Collins: Urge Him to
Oppose Outsourcing!
Say NO to Fast-Track for TPP
Congress is set to vote on a massive outsourcing trade bill in the next 75 days. This deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will directly impact our ability to negotiate fair contracts this year. All jobs are tradable – including call center work – and this deal will move jobs to Vietnam & Malaysia.
Congress MUST hear from us – not just from corporate CEOs.
.Dial 1-855-980-2352 and use the script below (leave a voicemail, if necessary!)
“I live in New York’s 27th Congressional District, and I strongly urge Congressman Collins to oppose Fast-Track for TPP. It’s a corporate trade deal that will outsource American jobs and further exploit workers overseas. I urge the Congressman to
vote NO on Fast-Track for TPP.”

This article was written by Bruce Kushnick, Executive Director of New Networks Institute, and appeared in the Huffington Post on January 15, 2015

Did Verizon Commit Perjury in the Net Neutrality Proceeding About the Use of Title II?


New Networks Institute has filed a Petition for Investigation with the FCC to examine Verizon's use of Title II and whether the company has committed perjury in the current Net Neutrality, Open Internet Proceeding, (Docket number 14-28).

Click Here to Send a Note to the FCC: Request the FCC Investigate Verizon's use of Title II and mention "Open Internet", use "Proceeding Number 14-28" and add "New Networks Institute's Petition".

Let Me Summarize Our Petition for Investigation.

Simply Put: Verizon has told the FCC, the courts and the public that applying Title II would harm investment if it is reinstated in the current Net Neutrality proceeding. In fact, Verizon has gotten their 'friends', corporate-paid think tanks, 'academics', astroturf groups, and even co-opted non-profits to parrot this statement as if it was true.

The Problem? Verizon's entire fiber optic deployment (including FiOS) and financial plan is based on using Title II and this has not changed since Net Neutrality became an issue about a decade ago.

This is an Open and Shut Case: Verizon Communications, Inc. and its affiliates, including Verizon Wireless, have violated Section 1.17 of the Communications Act of 1934, by "intentionally omit[ting] material information that is necessary to prevent any material factual statement that is made from being incorrect or misleading".

Simple to Prove: Compare these two statements by Verizon Communications, Inc., and the company's affiliates.

The first excerpt is from a 2014 Verizon NY cable franchise agreement, and is similar, if not identical to every other Verizon state-based fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) deployment.


The second excerpt is from Verizon's Open Internet Comments July 15, 2014

"Imposing a Title II common carriage regime on broadband providers would be a radical change in course that would only chill, not spur innovation. Title II is a regulatory dinosaur, crafted eighty years ago - and based on 19th-Century laws regulating railroads - to address the one-wire world of rotary telephones."

Title II is a Cash MachineVerizon's entire business plan is the based on using Title II as it allows the company to not only to use the utility rights-of-way, but as we discuss in the Petition, it also allows the company to get local phone customers to fund these investments of the fiber optic networks. In New York State, Verizon received at least three rate increases for "massive deployment of fiber optics" (and "losses", which we will be addressing in future petitions).

NOTE: The phrase "massive deployment of fiber optics" is taken directly from Verizon New York's filings and the NY Public Service Commission's orders. We did not need to 'make it up'.

If you have been reading the past articles, you know that we have been documenting all of this for years. Our research reports, based on Verizon's own financial reporting and other Verizon-authored documents have uncovered that Verizon's entire investment in the fiber optic networks, including the wires to the cell towers for Verizon Wireless or the "special access" wires, are based on the use of Title II.

Verizon Told the FCC Over and Over that Title II Harms Investment

There are pages of quotes by Verizon it their own Open Internet Proceeding filingsabout the harms to investment if Title II were imposed. Here are just a few.

Reclassification would create a major drag on new and improved broadband infrastructure, even though substantial investment in such infrastructure is precisely what is needed to keep pace with exponentially increasing consumer demands for bandwidth.

By chilling such investment and discouraging innovation, Title II and related proposals would only impede, not advance, the public's access to and enjoyment of the Internet.

The prospect of 19th-Century price regulation and Title II's other arcane requirements would stifle investment in and development of the Internet.

This is Misrepresentation on a Massive Level, Not Some Trivial Point.

This massively deceptive practice of getting Title II benefits on the state level while impaling it on the federal level has nothing to do with either the multiple classifications of services over the wire or some miss-matching 'investor tale' with that of the companies' reports to the FCC.

We are well aware of the use of multiple classifications, i.e., that the Title VI cable service, combined with a Title I Internet information service, can use a Title II network, but it is the flows of money that is at the crux of the issue here.

The "Title II" Issue is about the Flows of Money and the Use of Title II as a Cash Machine.

Verizon uses Title II to fund the infrastructure as "Title II", which means it is part of the state-based utilities as a telecommunications network and therefore fuels the financial perks including charging utility customers for the 'massive deployment of fiber optics'. Verizon also gets the rights-of-way from the state-based utility as Title II.

There are those who will argue that the networks can have multiple classifications of service over the same wire. While true, the issue of investment is about the flows of money. In at least New York State, Verizon's Title VI cable networks were built as part of the existing telecommunications network and therefore the cable division paid little or no construction costs for the FTTP networks it uses to deliver its cable programming. Similarly, it appears that the fiber optic wires to the cell towers and the wires used for Internet service, were all installed as Title II facilities -- i.e., the affiliate companies are getting a free ride on the backs of local phone customers who were charged multiple rate increases in New York for "massive deployment of fiber optics".

I note that these 'pundits' for Verizon or the ill-informed have not bothered to actually go through the financials of Verizon's state-based utilities or read the actual primary Verizon and NY State commission documents we quote, much less what we uncovered.

The "Janus" of Telecom

Janus was the two-faced Roman mythology figure. While the name in the 21st Century can have multiple implications, the simplest is when a person is "two-faced" or duplicitous.

The facts reveal, then, a massive duplicity on the part of Verizon Communications that continues to violate Section § 1.17 of the Communications Act, which requires "Truthful and accurate statements to the Commission".

(1) In any written or oral statement of fact, intentionally provide material factual information that is incorrect or intentionally omit material information that is necessary to prevent any material factual statement that is made from being incorrect or misleading...

The omission in every document of any statement that Title II is used for investments and that the fiber-to-the-premises networks are already Title II, which is then used to charge local phone customers as 'defacto investors', requires immediate investigation. It is at the very heart of the current Net Neutrality/Open Internet proceeding, and other proceedings related to network infrastructure policy and practices.

  • Verizon has deceived the FCC, the courts and the public over and over, and it is time for the FCC not only to acknowledge this fact but to start investigations into the failure of Verizon to disclose critical, material facts.
  • The FCC needs to examine the extent of the use of Title II today by Verizon for deployment of infrastructure used for broadband, Internet, phone and cable service.
  • The FCC needs to examine the role of customers as 'de-facto' investors; how Verizon has used Title II to get rate increases on basic POTS (plain old telephone service) customers and tax perks.
  • The FCC must examine the role of Title II and the other classifications ('titles') in allowing the manipulation of the flows of money between and among Verizon New York, the state-based utility, and Verizon Communications and Verizon's other affiliate companies, including Verizon Online, Verizon Business, Verizon Services and most of all Verizon Wireless

And this must be done with a focus on Verizon's own statements, information, comments, reply comments, etc, made to the FCC, as well as to the courts and the public. The FCC must examine whether Verizon intentionally provided factual information that is incorrect, or intentionally omitted material information, in an effort to mislead the Commission concerning Verizon's claim that Title II harms investments.

Did Verizon Commit Perjury?

Section 47 CFR 1.16 states:

Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury in lieu of affidavits.

Any document to be filed with the Federal Communications Commission and which is required by any law, rule or other regulation of the United States to be supported, evidenced, established or proved by a written sworn declaration, verification, certificate, statement, oath or affidavit by the person making the same, may be supported, evidenced, established or proved by the unsworn declaration, certification, verification, or statement in writing of such person...

We ask the FCC to start an immediate investigation into the fact that Verizon has not once disclosed, as far as we can ascertain, any of the documents and information about their use of Title II, which we have uncovered and detail in the Petition. 

Where are the Investigations and Oversight?

Finally, I find it incredible that the leading government agency that is in charge of all of America's communications in the United States had no clue that Verizon gamed the system. But this points to a more serious question -- Where are the other government agencies, advocate offices, politicians, state commissions, or Internet advocate groups who claim that they care about 'reclassification' to Title II? Where are the investigating reporters in the US? Why wasn't this deception exposed years ago? 

NOTE: This Petition was created by New Networks Institute's independent team of lawyers, auditors, and communications experts and we received no funding from any group, organization, company or political party.

We did it because it is the right thing to do.


CWA Local 1122     ...      2015 Meeting Dates



  • Tuesday, February 3
  • Tuesday, April 7
  • Tuesday, June 2  ***
  • Tuesday, October 6
  • Tuesday, December 1


*** Our June 2, 2015 Membership meeting will be a picnic style meeting at a place to be detemined.


Membership Meetings are held at Lucarellis 1830 Abbott Rd. in Lackawanna, N.Y.

Dinner is served at 5:00pm, the meetings will begin at 6:00pm




  • Thursday, January 8
  • Tuesday, March 3
  • Tuesday, May 5
  • Tuesday, September 1
  • Thursday, November 5


Steward Meetings are held at our Local Union Hall 3775 Genesee St.  

Food is served at 5:00pm, the meetings will begin at 6:00pm



If you have any interest in the change or resolution of workplace issues, then it is your responsibilty to attend these meetings.


Download Meeting Schedule



CWA District One responds to Verizon's latest surplus offer .....
The Company has made an offer to further negotiate over the "Special" EIPP. They have also sent an e-mail to all of our members attempting to negotiate with the membership to try and divide us. The Union has agreed to re-open negotiations but the Company's action make these negotiations harder not easier. We will of course keep you apprised of the situation as it unfolds. We have set a deadline of November 7th.

Verizon proposed surplus offer  .....
To:                  All New York and New England Verizon

                        Local Presidents

From:             Dennis G. Trainor, Assistant to the Vice President

Date:             October 17, 2014

Re:                 Update on Verizon’s Special Offer

Two weeks ago, the Company approached CWA with a special incentive offer for certain members to leave the payroll.  This offer was identical to the offer that CWA rejected last year with a few exceptions.

Last year, the proposal was to make an offer to 4 titles in certain Force Adjustment Areas.  This year the proposal is to make an offer to 25 titles in certain Force Adjustment areas.   In this year’s proposal the Company offered an alternative arrangement to using Force adjustment areas. They offered to exclude any Local in a Force Adjustment Area that did not want to accept the offer.

When we first received the proposal from the Company we informed them that we are not interested in dividing our Union by making offers on a local-by-local basis. We would not allow the Company to attempt to “divide and conquer” our membership.

Last year, when the Company made a very similar proposal, we had intense negotiations to discuss their desire to get people off the payroll and our desire to address the future work for our members.  We asked the Company to commit to FiOS build-outs over the next several years, to build new wire centers and to reduce the number of Board and Lodging Assignments.

This year, when the Company made their proposal, the Union raised the same concerns about the future work for our members.  The Company made it very clear that they are not .interested in entertaining any proposal regarding FiOS build-outs.

Over the last two weeks we have been discussing this proposal with our locals, District 2/13 and IBEW.  Last Friday, the Company put out an email to all employees stating that they made a proposal to the Union and they spelled out some of the details. This caused a lot of confusion and many members thought it was an actual offer.  Verizon must think that by communicating an offer directly to our members that this will make us cave-in to a one-sided offer that does nothing to protect the future work needs of our members. 

Today we told the Company that if they want us to consider their proposal-they have to address our needs.  We told them that we stand ready to discuss a real proposal that allows them to offer an incentive where needed, while growing the Company and jobs for our members.  We hope the Company heard us and will be willing to come to the table with a serious proposal. 


coorespondence recieved from CWA District One Downstate Director Gladys Finnigan 10-10.2014
Dennis Trainor, Assistant to the Vice President of District One asked me to send out the following message to all Verizon locals in NY/NE:
As you know we have received a proposal from Verizon regarding a surplus offer. One of the provisions of the Company's proposal is to offer an option to make this offer on a local by local basis.
The National Union has told the Company that we are not interested in dividing our Union in this way. We are in discussions with all of our locals regarding the remaining provisions of the proposal and what our response will be.
Earlier today we found out that the Company is planning to send an e mail to employees this afternoon regarding this situation.  As usual, when dealing with Verizon their communication will cause confusion in the ranks and is being sent to all employees, even ones not included in the Company's proposal. 
Please be assured that we will provide any updates regarding this matter as they develop.

When it comes to calling out and breaking down the Republican Party’s calculated “war on the poor and working families,” nobody does it quite like former US Labor Secretary, Robert Reich.

In this powerful video courtesy of, Reich neatly summarizes the Republican Party’s 7-prongued approach to exacerbating socioeconomic inequality and relegating America’s poor and working families to a life of poverty. Think he’s exaggerating? Watch the 135-second video and you will agree that the ‘War on the poor and working families” isn’t a figment of his imagination, it is real and impacting Americans all across the nation.




Weingarten RIGHTS

Members of CWA Local 1122 have Weingarten rights during investigatory interviews. An investigatory interview occurs when a Company representative questions a member to obtain information that could lead to discipline OR asks a member to defend his or her conduct. If you reasonably believe that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from a meeting with a Company representative, you have a right to Union representation at that meeting. But, you must request it.

Responsibilty of Attendance

As a member of the Local, you are the reason the Union exists. The Unions responsibility is to protect your rights as a worker and see to it that the steady flow of changes in our workplace does not violate our contract with our employer, other non-contractual issues can be dealt with accordingly when the group of members come together and support each other as equals rather than a ME FIRST ATTITUDE....


... This all started some years ago at a CWA District One Conference in NY City. The Local Presidents passed a motion to put forth a Resolution at the CWA National Convention that year. This resolution was first to honor our fallen brother Gerry, and second to show our SOLIDARITY and strength ....

Communications Workers Of America Local 1122
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