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Summary of Tentative Agreement CWA/VNA
Apr 26, 2021

Tentative Agreement between Visiting Nurses Association of WNY


Communication Workers of America

DURATION - 3 year contract effective April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2024

Article 1:  General Provisions

Job titles added to the bargaining unit: Pharmacists Homecare, Coding Specialists homecare, Clinical Documentation Specialists homecare. 

Per Diem employees who enter the bargaining unit in a new job classification will have 90 calendar days probation.

Graduate nurses will have 270 calendar days probation.

Corporate seniority and bargaining seniority defined.

Patient Care Coordinator – the association will have discretion to award the position.

Bumping steps - an employee will be given the opportunity to move to a vacant position. If no vacancy the employee will be given the opportunity to bump a least senior employee.

Article 2: Definitions

Mentor and Mentee defined.

 Cattaraugus/Allegany is a combined geographic service area – except for PTO selection of one week or more.

On call Pools – Pharmacists home care added.

Work groups – Pharmacists homecare, Clinical documentation Specialist homecare and Coding Specialist added.

Article 4:

Alternate work shifts defined.

Posted schedules-even switch for long days, evening shifts, weekend shifts can be requested after the schedules are posted.

Article 5: Wages

7.5% increase over 3 years

a.            1.25%    retroactive April 1,2021

b.            1.25%    October 1,2021

c.             1%          April 1,2022

d.            1%          October 1,2022

e.            1.5%      April 1,2023

f.             1.5%     October 1,2023

Updated Job classifications added to groups including new group 11 - Pharmacist home care.

On call changes can be made up to 48 hours prior to the on-call date.

On call will not be scheduled on the Friday before an approved PTO week.

Triage Team – Triage team members will be exempt from their team work-group’s on call, holiday, weekend and evening rotations. (Clarification: Triage members will be responsible for holidays and weekend rotations within the triage team)

Minimum of 60 days’ notice to move off the triage team is required.

Reimbursement has been increased to  $13.00/ hour while on triage duty.

Article 6: Benefits

 Medical premiums maintained for all members currently on the payroll March 31,2021.

Employees who reached their 3rd anniversary date between April 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 will receive retroactive checks for contributions made since January 1,2021 (24 employees affected by this).

New employees hired on or after April 1, 2021 will be paying an increased medical premium.

Hospital discounts updated to reflect current policy.

 Article 7: Paid time off and Holiday Rotation

Language negotiated to accommodate the New York sick Leave law. The two 50% days are replaced by an additional 8 hours of sick leave (taken in hour increments) which are not counted against members for time and attendance.

PTO requests-for the sig- up period of Jun, July, August and September employees may request one full week and/or 1-4 consecutive working days in the same week.  These single days will be pre-approved. 

Management will now post open weeks and as applicable open single days in the same week.

An employee who is approved for Monday or Friday PTO days will not be scheduled for an assignment on the adjacent Saturday and Sunday.

PTU will not be paid for an employee who does not report to work for the last scheduled shift before or after a holiday.

PTU will not be paid for an employee who does not work his/her shift on a scheduled holiday.

Annually PTO election forms will now be electronic.

Article 8: Committees and Programs

Best Practice Committee added.

Article 10: Time and Attendance

Time and attendance modified to accommodate NY paid sick leave law.

Article 11: Bereavement Leave

For full time employees:

Additional 2 PTU days may be taken immediately following the Bereavement Period that will not count against time and attendance.

For part time employees:

An additional PTU day may be taken immediately following the bereavement period that will not count against time and attendance.

Article 15: Transitional Duty Program

Language modified to reflect current practice.

Article 17: Uniforms

Shorts added as part of the driver’s uniform.

Article 18: Forms

Forms updated to reflect current practice.

Article 19: Inclement Weather

Article 20: No Benefit Time

MOU for NOB incorporated into the contract.

Long Day scheduling Trial - a trial will be conducted in the glow allowing employees not to be scheduled a long day on the day or the day after they are scheduled on call.

 Pharmacy Technician NYS licensure fee - The VNA agrees to pay on a one time only basis, the 2021 licensure fee of $175.

 CDI / Pharmacy step placement and movement.

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